Distilled down to its most basic form, Liquid Stateís debut album is the language of longing. Intense, emotive, and lyrical, the rhythms and melodies of Late Bloom paint a dark, haunting, and undeniably beautiful musical landscape.

"It feels like thereís fog, thereís waves, thereís a rough ocean in there," says musician Mark Fassett. "I would say our music has a definite west coast, even a specifically northern California feeling to it."

Fassett and fellow musician Jennifer Wilde take turns behind the microphone on Late Bloom to weave a story of love lost. Itís a very personal album for both artists, and yet the language of loss is so universal, anyone whoís ever suffered a broken heart can relate.

"Itís a cathartic album," says Wilde. "It came from a place of knowing you have to tear things down before you can build them up again."

Wildeís lyrics on "Unraveling" speak to the heart of that place:
"itís coming undone falling apart, unraveling
i'm frozen in place canít move at all, unravelingÖ"

But the destruction, the unraveling, makes way for something new and lovely to bloom, and glimpses appear in songs like the lighter "Summerís End", with music Mark wrote while on a camping trip with his daughter.

Listeners take an emotional journey with Late Bloom, and thatís exactly what Wilde and Fassett intended.

"We want you to feel something when you listen to our music," Wilde says, "to feel not just that you heard something that you can relate too, but like you yourself have been heard, too."
Late Bloom album cover
  1. Resignation ( listen | lyrics )
  2. Unseen World ( listen | lyrics )
  3. Unraveling ( listen | lyrics )
  4. Breathlessly Waiting ( listen | lyrics )
  5. Perfect Blue World ( listen | lyrics )
  6. Beyond the Tide ( listen | lyrics )
  7. Destination ( listen | lyrics )
  8. Past the Point of Rescue ( listen | lyrics )
  9. Summer's End ( listen | lyrics )
  10. Lost ( listen | lyrics )
  11. Come Here Boy ( listen | lyrics )
  12. Beautiful ( listen | lyrics )

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